About Us

AiFlex Limited is a UK based software development outfit that provides cutting edge technology services rapidly at cost effective prices.

Our Services

  • Application design
  • Cross platform application design
  • Web design
  • Database management and handling
  • Software solution services
  • Web hosting

Application design

We have developed applications for a range of purposes including multi-national corporations. Applications from large data management systems to analytics services to image manipulation with integration into any number of other services have been built by AiFlex Limited. All applications are designed to our customers’ specifications, delivered on time  and completed  to very high quality.

Cross platform application design

With the increasing number of devices and platforms in the market place, the deployment of applications and software can seem ever more daunting. Our cross platform application design allows customers to decide on one application, have one application built but be able to deploy the application on any or all devices from home desktops and laptops to iPhones and Androids. This is a great service to take your application forward allowing your users o access on a device they choose.

Web design

Our web design provides a level of service from creating a brand new site to refreshing an existing one to adding more functionality. AiFlex can develop PHP, .NET, HTML, ajax, javascript and flash (actionscript) for web deployment. Additional technologies such as:

  • Joomla
  • Mambo
  • WordPress
  • E-commerce solutions
  • CRM systems

Database management and handling

AiFlex Limited provides services to organize and optimize table querying and searching through data. Data management goes very well with our cross platforming services so that your applications make the most of the hardware they are running in order to provide the best end user experience.

Software solution services

If you have a problem you want solving AiFlex Limited can provide consultancy to analyze the issue, suggest and specify out the solution options and then  build the solution for you. This end-to-end service allows fast deployment of applications or web services to a very high quality with minimum delay.

Web hosting

AiFlex Limited also provides hosting on a fast connection for domains, websites, back end systems, database systems and CRON processes.

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